Your Next Destination - Malaysia and her beautiful Cities.

This beautiful nation is a cultural potpourri of races and religions living harmoniously in the extremely special place we call Malaysia. The diverse ethnicity of its people with varied religious backgrounds has made it a gastronomical paradise with colourful festivals which are not seen in many other countries.

Malaysia has 13 states and 3 federal territories. It has the Straits of Malacca on its west coast, the South China Sea to its east and Borneo states of Sabah and Sarawak to the South. The ever-vibrant Singapore is our immediate neighbour to the South and the exotic Thailand is situated to the North. With a population just over 30 million, Malaysia ranks 44th on the current world population list. 

Malaysia is both vibrant and tropical and is listed in many magazines as a truly lovable place as costs are low and the people are warm, friendly and courteous. There are many direct flights to and from Malaysia (KLIA & KLIA2), as it’s a popular tourist location with a variety of things to do. Climbing the mountains, trekking through the jungles, diving in beautiful clear waters or just relaxing on one of the thousands of white sandy beaches are just a few options for nature enthusiasts. Also, there is no shortage of big cities: Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor, Kuching or maybe Malacca are fantastic areas teaming with culture, history and futuristic architecture too. No matter which city you travel to in Malaysia, you will find welcoming people, the best food, the largest shopping malls with both modern and antique goods and a great list of activities which are only available in Malaysia. 

Be prepared to be amazed by the beauty and wonders that Malaysia has to offer. Situated in the midst of the Asia-Pacific region, Malaysia enjoys a convenient location which is easily accessible. 

The insider Malaysia- Business in Malaysia

The ease of doing business in Malaysia is confirmed by many international surveys around the world. The World Banks’ of “Ease of Doing Business for 2016” ranked Malaysia 18th out of 189 countries for ease of doing business. Malaysia especially excelled in the criteria of protecting minority investors in starting a business. As Malaysia is a highly multicultural country, so many do business with Malays, Chinese, Indians and other ethnic races. All ethnicities have different rules and values that might be seen appropriate by one group and maybe considered inappropriate by the other, however, due to the country’s accepting nature, most business and interaction with other cultures are done amicably and respectfully. This is the spirit and essence of Malaysia.

Language in Malaysia

The official language in Malaysia is called: ''Bahasa Malaysia''. Many compare this language as identical to Bahasa Indonesia spoken in neighbouring Indonesia. Because of the long association with Great Britain, most Malaysians speak English as their second language. Most government documents generally have an English translation following the Bahasa Malaysia version. As a big part of the population is Chinese, which averages around 30% of the population, do not be surprised to hear many dialects of Chinese being widely spoken. 

Religion in Malaysia

Religion in Malaysia plays a very important role for our country. Most Malaysian Muslims take religion seriously and follow its principles as a lifestyle. The ethnic Chinese generally follow a range of Buddhist and Taoist practices blended with Confucianism.

Most of the non-Muslim Indians are Hindus and Christians. 

A common mistake for foreigners is to view Malaysia and its big cities as a traditional Islamic society and, therefore, tend to forget the importance of other religions and beliefs which are widely practiced and accepted in Malaysia

More facts about Malaysia

- Malaysia has 68,877 km of highway.

- Borneo is the third largest island in the world.

- Malaysia currency is called Ringgit Malaysia (MYR).

- The Petronas Towers were once the tallest buildings in the world till 2004. It’s still considered the world’s largest 'twin' towers. 

- Malaysia has a delicious national dish called Nasi Lemak, a rice dish cooked in coconut milk, usually wrapped in a banana leaf.

- Some buildings in Malaysia do not have a fourth floor and are normally replaced with the number 3A. The sound of number four (si) is similar to sound of death in the Chinese Cantonese dialect.

- Malaysia is the ninth most visited country in the world. 

- Malaysians use the word 'lah' randomly in their way of speaking. 'Lah' is mostly used as an exclamation or expression.  

- The Malaysian fruit “Durian”, also called “the king of fruits”, has a very strong smell and flavour. People either love it or hate it but one must try it! 

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The Insider Malaysia- Malaysia Real Estate Market

The Malaysian real estate market is dynamic and vibrant offering Malaysians and foreigners a chance to own properties with the least amount of restrictions. Malaysia is highly favoured by mainland China, Singapore, European countries including the UK, Japan, the USA, Canada, Australia, Korea, friendly Arab nations, India and many other Asian nations.

RE/MAX Malaysia (Kellerhof International) is here to provide services to all Malaysians and people of all nations to acquire and manage their investments here with world class service in accordance to our principle of service above self.

We are also registered with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers & Estate Agents Malaysia and are held accountable for all our dealings with all our clients.