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Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Central region - Malaysia

Petaling Jaya- Malaysia

Read about the suburb that blossomed into a city!

The thriving city of Petaling Jaya universally referred to as “PJ”  (for those of us who may have problems pronouncing the name!) located in the Petaling district Selangor, started as a small wholesome town founded only in 1954. Since then the city has blossomed into one of the most important, metropolitan and prosperous cities in Malaysia.
Petaling Jaya is unique as it’s Malaysia’s first planned town with around 500, 000 inhabitants. It’s also the neighbouring twin sister of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, which is south of Petaling Jaya. This major booming city consists of business, residential and commercial areas- everything you could possibly need and want.

Due to the city’s proximity to Kuala Lumpur (a 30-50 minute car journey), Petaling Jaya’s streets are lively with locals, expats and visitors. It’s a diverse melting pot of cultures and people, living, working and enjoying everything the city has to offer. With its plethora of modern shopping malls and ethnic eateries, it’s a heaven for devoted shoppers, bargain hunters, and eager gastronomes. The city is a perfect medium between somewhere more rural and the uber urban Kuala Lumpur- you remain in flourishing city but still have peace.

Real Estate in Petaling Jaya
Before Petaling Jaya experienced a commercial boom, there were only a few residential developments. Most apartments and terraced houses were low to medium priced. By 2005, luxurious condominiums, beautiful semi-detached houses  and bungalows became very common in Petaling Jaya. The most high-end properties are located in Bukin Gasing and Kelena Jaya. The newest properties are located in Ara Demansara and Tropicana. Of course living in the city centre is more expensive than the suburbs, however, it’s relatively inexpensive if you compare it to other countries. You definitely get your money’s worth and then some.

Living in Petaling Jaya
Living in Petaling Jaya is ideal for city lovers and nature lovers. Many expats prefer to live in the lush green neighbourhoods of PJ and commute to Kuala Lumpur instead as it is very near. PJ is popular for commuters but recently more and more locals and expats are living and working in the city itself creating an international and prosperous city in its own right. There is no problem finding expats from all walks of life in PJ (also in KL) with many exciting events in and around the city to take advantage of.
Because the city is so new and modern (the “old” part of the city was built in 1952!) the people of PJ are active in developing the city’s culture. By living there, expats can be a part of the city too by contributing to its diverse community and shaping the future of PJ. Also, many traditional hobbies exist there, for example, traditional Malaysian cuisine and fishing. The population of PJ adds also to the economy and academia in the area. Charmingly, expats and locals are coming together creating a distinctive place to live.
Shopping in Petaling Jaya

Familiar with the expression “shop till you drop”? This saying could have been invented in Petaling Jaya as it is chock-a-block with large luxurious shopping malls to cater to every individuals’ wants and needs.
 Don’t like shopping too much? The malls are also packed with entertainment too for adults and kids alike.
Utama Shopping Mall is the world’s 4th largest mall and you could literally live in the quirky haven. Stylish shoppers will surely be satisfied by the wide array of stores and restaurants for every taste with international brands and locals ones too. For the entertainment seekers, the mall has an overwhelming abundance of leisure activities including a 13-screen cinema, a bowling alley, a fitness centre and a karaoke centre. This mall is just one of many PJ has to offer and this place delivers. From high end fashion labels to traditional flea markets, PJ has become a sophisticated and special shopping city.   

Restaurants in Petaling Jaya
Whether it’s a juicy Argentinian steak or a traditional Malaysian Curry one craves, PJ has it and everything thing else in between. PJ might be small but has a big culinary scene ranging from award-winning restaurants to trendy bistros and original coffee shops. For passionate foodies, PJ is the place to be.

Travelling to Petaling Jaya
Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA & KLIA2) is the closest airport to Petaling Jaya and from there many taxis are available for approximately RM75 (around $18) from the airport to PJ. There is also no need to go to Kuala Lumpur first. The one and only train from the airport is called the KLIA Ekspres. It leaves from the main airport terminal to the KL Sentral train station. KL Sentral is midway between KL (Kuala Lumpur) and PJ. Comfortable buses are also available. Of course, prices depend on what sort of transport but taxi is the easiest way to travel to PJ.

Education in Petaling Jaya
Academia is a major part of the culture in Petaling Jaya as it has 25 colleges and universities which are a lot for a new city. The most esteemed university of Malaysia, University of Malaya, is actually situated in PJ. There are many colleges and universities which are specialized in a particular field , for example, Malaysia’s Institute of Science and Technology or the Food Institute of Malaysia. The first private college for nursing in Malaysia is also in PJ. There are many solid secondary schools including an international German school. This shows how the city is developing an educational and international generation of people.  
Top 7 Things to do in Petaling Jaya:
Sometimes the best experiences are not in the capital city but in other unique cities like PJ. Little gems are sprinkled throughout the city making the place lively and fun for the inhabitants. PJ certainly has a wide range of activities to do catering to all interests. 

1. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park (This place is rated the top thing to do around Petaling Jaya on TripAdvisor)- a fantastically large water park where visitors can find their inner adrenaline junkie by surfing in the artificially made “sea” or relax by the pool or in the manmade river. 
2.Cooking class at Bayan Indah- cook Malaysian cuisine and complex western dishes with professional chefs.
3. Scuba Diving at Sealantis Dive Centre, One Utama- learn scuba diving at a good price for when an island hopping holiday comes around.
4. Utama Mall, Batting Cages- Play ball on the rooftop of the mall for a reasonable price.
5. Kidzania at The Curve- the perfect spot for “edutainment” for the little ones where they can pretend to “work” in the real world in an exciting and international centre.  
6. Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) – experience the stunning nature PJ has to offer.
7. Tropicana Ebi Fishing- a great spot to fish and eat fresh seafood with friends.