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Johor, Southern Region - Malaysia

Johor Bahru- Malaysia 

Watch the city grow in front of your very eyes

Johor Bahru is the charming capital of the state of Johor, Malaysia. The city is the economic centre of Johor and is connected to Singapore by the expressway, therefore, the city is strongly influenced by the many Singaporeans who visit each year. Many residents of Johor Bahru work in Singapore also as it’s cheaper to live in JB and commute.
JB is the southernmost city of Peninsula Malaysian and is approximately 220 km2. The population is a little less than 500, 000. The city offers a mixture of traditional and modern Malaysia with tall new buildings but also colourful cosy houses.

The city was founded in 1855 by Temenggong Daeng Ibrahim. The area was a uninhabited jungle then it was developed into agricultural land by many Chinese and Javanese workers. 
Johor Bahra is an exciting and flourishing place to be as it one of the top fastest growing cities in Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur. Also, as many Singaporeans visit, JB gets a strong and steady income. The city keeps developing as it has to cater to all the needs and wants of the residents and huge influx of tourists.

JB has a thriving atmosphere and plenty of cultural and historical attractions to keep one busy and learning new things about Malaysia. On top of that, JB is so attractive due to its exotic nature. There are many parks and places to take in the sun, sounds and sights. 
Real Estate in Johor Bahru
The real estate in JB is plentiful. There are luxurious condos, gated communities, houses with amenities such as swimming pools, playgrounds and gyms.

Investing in Johor Bahru Sentral could be a lucrative choice in a few years to come as it will develop hugely by 2018 as the Tanjung Puteri MRT station, a station that will be connected to Singapore’s train line. The federal government is investing 1.8 billion RM into the renovations of Johor Bahru. This money goes on increasing police post and CCTVS. Also, the money has gone to the opening of Angry Bird Theme Park in 2014, a Hilton Hotel and top notch real estate (Suasana).   The master plan is in action to rejuvenate the river, Sungei Segget in JB, inspired by Venice’s and Amsterdam’s picturesque canals. The authorities hope this will attract even more tourists from all over the world.

With the new attractions and the future attractions, investors will certainly get more bang for their buck in a few short years. There is certainly a big hype in the property market in JB.

Living in Johor Bahru
This city is bursting with potential. The major and most alluring aspect about JB is that it’s still blossoming into a great city. In Kuala Lumpur, people may be asking, what else is there to do? In JB, people will be asking what is coming next? Living in a developing place with lots room for growth is tremendously attractive as there is sense of anticipation in the air, innovative ideas all around and nothing is boring… because there will always be something being built or a fresh attraction around the corner.
Coffee shop hopping is a popular pass time and shopping too. There are many tropical forests around the area and stunning stretches of beaches for the nature and tanning enthusiasts.

Aside from the Malay population who speak good English (especially the older generation), there is a large population of Chinese inhabitants (speaking Mandarin) so learning it is not a problem and a useful asset to have. As mentioned before, there are many Singaporeans who speak impressive English.

Commuting to Singapore is pretty quick and painless (50 minutes- 1 hour) depending on the traffic). Fortunately, the traffic isn’t half as bad as Kuala Lumpur’s.

Shopping in Johor Bahru 
Taking the short trip to Singapore is better if international brands is what you’re after. Singapore has it all. JB also has a substantial shopping scene but more limited than Singapore or KL. The Johor Premium Outlets are a success with visitors. 
For English tourists, many are amazed to find a Tesco that does deliveries and even a Marks and Spencer! So a taste of home is definitely achievable in JB.

Restaurants in Johor Bahru
In JB, there is trend for out-of-the-box restaurants that don’t just offer up mouth-watering cuisines from all over the world but an unforgettable experience. The creative dishes and layouts are simply wonderful making the city a tasty hub for adventurous foodies.
Sitting in a traditional restaurants doesn’t quite cut it nowadays, be amazed by the funky designs of foods and décor. For example, a flower shop inspired restaurant where guests are greeted with the sweet and fresh smell of nature and wine and dined with healthy fresh foods. This cool concept cannot be found anywhere else. Where flora, food and flavour come together, it’s a must while enjoying JB.

Travelling to and around Johor Bahru
There are inexpensive direct flights from Kuala Lumpur airport to Senai International Airport (located in Senai, the neighbouring town of JB). The flight takes a mere 50 minutes from KL. Taking the train is another option from Kuala Lumpur Sentral to JB Sentral. By car and by bus is also an option but the journey duration all depends on traffic.
There are extensive road links linking Johor Bahru to other parts of Johor. There is the Johor-Singapore Causeway (6 lanes) which links the city to Woodlands, Singapore. Larkin Sentral (5km away from JB city centre) has buses going to many destinations to other cities in West Malaysia, Southern Thailand and Singapore. There also many taxis available in the city. Trains go from Johor Bahru Sentral train station to Kuala Lumpu and Singapore too. A new shuttle train (KTM) launched in 2015 goes to Woodlands, Singapore which has proved very useful for commuters. 

Education in Johor Bahru
JB has many secondary schools and colleges private and public. There are international English colleges where all alumni speak English and Chinese schools/colleges also. The city has a promising handful of universities, such as;  University of Southampton Malaysian Campus, Raffles University Iskandar, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia and Wawasan Open University.

Top 7 Things to do in Johor Bahru
1. Johor Bahru City Square- take a leisurely stroll through Johor Buhru’s special streets, shop at low prices and indulge in delicious treats.
2. Legoland, Malaysia- Take the kids to a fun-filled impressive Legoland where children of all ages can enjoy the magical rides.
3. KSL City Mall- have an remarkable shopping spree
4. Pulai Waterfall- one for the nature lovers, watch the crystal clear water cascade in the warm sunny climate of Johor Bahru. 
5.Angry Birds Theme Park- One for the kiddies to enjoy. Children can play for hours in varies different zones and take part in adventurous activities.
6. Sunset watching- this is a real must and doesn’t cost a penny. Feel the cool breeze on your skin as you watch a breath-taking majestic sunset. A real experience locals and visitors love to do.
7. Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple-  Take in and celebrate the world’s first glass Hindu temple and the only one in Malaysia. It’s particularly striking when the sun is shining through the glass.